Creating a New You with Classic Pieces

Dressing up is probably one of the best feelings for both men and women. Clothing doesn’t have to cost a fortune and simple outfits can be dressed up with simple accessories. It is absolutely amazing how many items you probably already have in your closet that would work like a well choreographed dance together. The best idea is to really take an inventory of what you have and then to make sure you have classic pieces that are interchangeable.

Accessories, like shoes, scarves, hats, jewelry, and belts are just some of the ways you can change the entire look of an outfit. I had a boss who I thought was the most amazing dressed woman I had ever seen! I realized after a few months of checking out her outfits in the hopes of replicating her style that she had quite a few repeat pieces. Her black pencil skirt was one of her favorite pieces, and mine. One day she paired it with black pumps and a perfectly wrapped pashmina scarf over a white silk blouse. Another day she had on a floral cardigan with flat ballet slippers and simple white tee shirt underneath. I never noticed that exact outfit again. But I did see how she paired those black dress shoes with jeans on dress down Friday, and they looked amazing.

I finally built up the courage to ask her what her secret was. She told me that she here classic pieces were usually black, khaki, and white and she would do some trendy pieces and colorful accessories to change the way the outfits looked. Her shoes she wanted to also be interchangeable and not too overpowering that they took away from the rest of her outfit. I found that this was a great idea for both me and my husband. Don’t be fooled, men can really switch it up as well. With shirts and ties, and wool scarves you can change the entire look. I’m ashamed to admit that my husband has no problem wearing his black, brown, and khaki work pants throughout the week. However, now I make sure that there is enough of a variety in shirts and ties that he doesn’t look like a “Stepford Wife”.

Men are actually finding that work clothes can double as night time attire with a simple change of shoes and the addition of a sweater. Accessories for men have actually grown in sales over the past few years. Men are carrying stylish and trendy bags, which some have called the “man purse”. The bottom line is that simple changes to classic pieces can make a man look pretty well dressed.

Fads will come and go with clothing and accessories. Who remembers the “fedora” that classic hat worn by the likes of Frank Sinatra and plenty of mobsters? That hat has come and gone over the years and has dressed the likes of 80’s Madonna and the current Lady Gaga. So before you drop off those donations to Goodwill you might want to hold on to some fad pieces for use later on. Dressing up can be fun and imaginative and even filled with some good memories.

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