Three style rules that were made to be broken

The fashion world is full of rules. Don’t wear this, don’t match that. There are times when rules are meant to be broken, however, especially when it comes to forging your own way in the style stakes.

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If you’re not ready to become an all-out trend rule-breaker, there are a few simple things you can do to break free of what you might see as the traditional fashion no-nos and start your journey to individuality.

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Blues and greens

Whether you’re teaming Farah shirts with jeans or buying a tie to go with your new work suit, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t match blue with green. Choosing the right shades is important though.

The traditional rule states that blues and greens should not be seen unless they’re in the washing machine but as some of the offerings at the likes of EJ Menswear, the colours can look really good together when the tones match. Just be careful of pairing the likes of sky blue and neon green. That’s probably not going to go so well.

In contrast, khaki and navy can really match well, or you can create a strong contrast by using a deeper colour to anchor a brighter one. Try teaming a lighter blue and a darker green to form a classic partnership that looks really stylish.

Double denim

This is a huge no-no in some people’s traditional fashion bible and there is no doubt that it can look awful if done wrongly but that’s more about the style of the items rather than the material. After all, denim is simply a fabric like wool or cotton and you’d never shun wearing two cotton items or wool pieces together, would you?

The key to matching denims, however, is choosing the right colours and, in general, choosing different shades will prevent you entering cowboy territory. It’s also worth remembering that we all see colours differently, as explained at, so wear what you think looks good to you and at least one person you know will be happy with your look!

Belts and shoes

There was a time when fashion prison would be waiting if you dared to wear a belt and shoes that didn’t match. Not anymore. The rules are so much more relaxed nowadays meaning that no one will really care.

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