The early 70s knew a complete turnaround in fashion. The men were often seen in turtlenecks, wearing large medallions, gold chains and black horn rimmed glasses while the women donned brightly-colored pantsuits.

The 70s offered plenty options to choose from when it comes to costumes. It was not just the polyester suits or the high-heeled boots. From clothing down to accessories, you are sure to make a fashion statement at a Halloween or themed party if you go for the 70s outfit. All you need is a perfect blend of clothing and accessories.

No1: Disco

Disco was highly popular in the 70s as a result of the ridiculous and excessive appearance. You can get the 70s disco look by looking out for the apparels on custom online stores or your local thrift stores for the high-heel shoes or platform shoes. The platform shoes will go well with high-waist pants made of polyester fabrics. Remember, the brighter the color, the better. To achieve a classy 70s look, put on an unbuttoned down silk shirt that enwraps your stomach with landscapes images printed on it. Finish off with some shiny gold chains or medallion around your neck.

No2: Casual

The 1970s also had a casual look that was quite popular. To get the casual look, all you have to do is get a collared white and blue rugby striped shirt. For the lower clothing, go for a Levi’s jeans or white painter pants. Complement your casual look with sneakers or moccasin on your feet while wearing a feathered hair.

No3: Tightness

Tightness was a key feature of the 70s clothing. While the decade was marked by shiny colors, bogus hair and disco; they were often seen in tight clothes. It doesn’t matter if it is a mini-dress or shirt; just make … Read More

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Breaking The Stereotypes With Perfect Workwear Clothing

Vulnerable employment is widespread for both women and men. On the other hand, it is becoming harder by the day for women to find jobs around the world. However, there are hundreds of stereotypes holding women back from actively looking for work. For example; some people believe that women should not have jobs away from their homes. There is also the pressure to conform to gender roles though this varies from region to region.

Nonetheless, women want to be in paid employment despite the persisting set of socio-economic barriers. They want to be part of closing the gender gaps in the labour force that will be good for the global economy. Howbeit, while some of their men agree, their families will not approve it. Their take is that they will not be able to balance work and family work.

For a long time, there has been work and industries believed to be only for men. It is surprising also how some countries and regions think that women should not hold certain leadership positions. However, these are stereotypes which are fading away very fast. Work/life demands have led women to explore what was presumed to be male-dominated industries like construction. They are no longer the office or home keepers.

Interestingly, it is a growing trend in the United States. According to the Catalyst Research, in a 2017 survey, 62 per cent of the women interviewed, work in male-dominated industries. Well, it may sound like a breakthrough for the female gender, but in reality, it also comes with a multitude of challenges. Although they are competitors their male counterparts, women are also vulnerable to sexual harassment.

People working in various industries for example airlines have to adorn a uniform. Other sectors like the construction will have specialized uniform such as the protection … Read More

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Don’t like your legs? Try these styles instead

The weather is starting to get warmer, which means most women will be putting away their jeans and replacing them with summer dresses – but what if you don’t like your legs?

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If you dislike your legs, try not to worry. After all, you’re not alone; around 80% of Brits have low self-confidence when it comes to their appearance, so lots of people will be able to relate to how you are feeling! If you don’t want to show off your legs, you don’t have to; there are lots of stylish outfit options that don’t focus on showing off your legs.

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Here are five style tips for women who dislike their legs.

Wear long dresses

Midi and maxi dresses have a beautiful, feminine style that is perfect for summer and spring, and they also help to hide your legs! If you want to buy a flattering blue maxi dress that will conceal your legs, consider the AX Paris blue maxi dress.

Layer with leggings

You can also layer your outfit with leggings if you want. Leggings can be used to hide varicose veins and cellulite, and they also look really cute when they are paired with dresses or tunics. Just make sure to invest in a high-quality pair of leggings as cheap leggings can quickly become saggy, which isn’t very flattering!

Wear tights

You can also wear some tights to help hide cellulite and unsightly veins – and black isn’t the only colour option. You can also buy flesh-coloured tights to create a smooth, seamless look, or you could try a bright colour to make your outfit more fun!

Check out new trouser styles

If you are bored of wearing jeans to hide your legs, consider trying out new trouser styles. Palazzo trousers create a … Read More

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How to Fix Xuppy.exe Error Efficiently

Suffering from error information for your Microsoft Windows computer program set-up or just when you operate a computer software? Indeed will the mistake data indicate now and then? The most popular difficulties have already been missing DLL file and high-risk all computer file. No matter what will cause the uncomfortable issue, uncover even more the DLL file and fix this problem quickly by the teaching right here.

Commonly, people might recognize that there is always an error on a desktop computer by having error messages. The problem messages will almost certainly present similarly to this: ” This program could not launch as a result of wasn’t discovered. Re-installing the program may solve this problem.” Few people today solely would never know how to proceed next step to solve this issue. Most likely, many people can only power down the window of the error message. It is horrible that if you can not make productive uses of laptop or computer generally, In this type of circumstances, people previously had to master an appropriate way of dealing with this particular error entirely. With the aid of friends and the net, we are likely to found a wally solution to fix this specific problem so that the error message cannot appear any longer. Have you learned exactly what a wally approach it is? If you are unable to discover it out at all, you’re advisable to continue to keep scanning this article at the moment.

Regardless of what error messages that you get, you should be aware of them. Is just one of the common processes among WindowsOperating System. This is often a dynamic link library computer file, based in Ms windows System. In the basic situation, you can discover it out in Windows XP 2000, Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP,Windows Vista and … Read More

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Three style rules that were made to be broken

The fashion world is full of rules. Don’t wear this, don’t match that. There are times when rules are meant to be broken, however, especially when it comes to forging your own way in the style stakes.

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If you’re not ready to become an all-out trend rule-breaker, there are a few simple things you can do to break free of what you might see as the traditional fashion no-nos and start your journey to individuality.

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Blues and greens

Whether you’re teaming Farah shirts with jeans or buying a tie to go with your new work suit, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t match blue with green. Choosing the right shades is important though.

The traditional rule states that blues and greens should not be seen unless they’re in the washing machine but as some of the offerings at the likes of EJ Menswear, the colours can look really good together when the tones match. Just be careful of pairing the likes of sky blue and neon green. That’s probably not going to go so well.

In contrast, khaki and navy can really match well, or you can create a strong contrast by using a deeper colour to anchor a brighter one. Try teaming a lighter blue and a darker green to form a classic partnership that looks really stylish.

Double denim

This is a huge no-no in some people’s traditional fashion bible and there is no doubt that it can look awful if done wrongly but that’s more about the style of the items rather than the material. After all, denim is simply a fabric like wool or cotton and you’d never shun wearing two cotton items or wool pieces together, would you?

The key to matching denims, however, is choosing the right … Read More

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