Best Time of the Year to Shop in Norway

The natural stigma of Norway being a climatically frigid nation exists in the mind of most tourists. True to such speculations, some times of the year, in the northern region of Norway, often boasts of sub-zero temperatures. However, this should not impede visitors who are looking to take in the beautiful sights of Norway.

The subject of time choice for the best visit experience is a common question asked by people visiting the Scandinavian countries, Norway, in particular. With a vertical span of over one thousand miles, and a relatively thin breadth; Norway boasts changing seasons across its length. There are two major seasons in which chain stores like Bonprix throw open their doors, due to the peak in the volume of shoppers.

Winter sales

If you are the hardy type who would love to explore the country during the Christmas holidays, shopping during the winter peak sales would be your best. Besides having access to quality wears and souvenirs at low prices, here are a few more attractions that do shopping in winter pleasurable:

The Northern Lights

You have probably read about auroras in the magazines or heard folks who live or have been up north tell you about it. Since winter sales peak starts peaking right after Christmas, you can equally take advantage of the dark-night winter season, with its limited human traffic, to go up north. The island of Svalbard would be an excellent location to view auroras – the northern lights.

Winter Sports

If you are an enthusiast of outdoor activities in winter, like dog-sleighing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skiing.

These and many more activities would keep you occupied when you decide to visit any region of Norway, for shopping, in the winter season.

Summer sales

Of the two seasons when chain stores are prolific … Read More

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